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GCSE Biology ­ Glossary of Terms for How Science Works

accuracy An accurate measurement is close The oak leaf is 35 mm long
to the true value

true value This is the accurate value which The length of the leaf
would be found if the quantity

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Variables ­ Values are described by labels Leaves are labelled eg ivy
Categoric Plotted as a bar chart or pie leaf, holly leaf

Can be discrete ­ can only be
whole numbers Number of leaves on a
branch is discrete, leaves
are there or not, eg 5

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Dependent This is the variable that you The height of the plant
variable measure. It is changed by changes depends upon the amount
in the independent variable. of fertiliser and so is the
dependent variable
It is plotted on the y axis

Control This can affect the outcome of Height…

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Data is not valid if a fair test is control variables are
not carried out or if the controlled, then the data is
observer is biased. valid



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