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How important were concerns over National Efficiency in influencing the Liberal party's social
reform 1906-14?


1) What caused these concerns:
a) Boer war- 1/3 soldiers
b) Rowntree York 1899 and Booth London 1899-1903 reports
i) Showed 30% poor
ii) 10% very poor
iii) 20% income only just had bare…

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ii) Qulifications: morale and money
c) Workers
i) Workmen's compensation act 1906:
(1) Only covered workers on less than £250 p.a.
ii) National insurance for sickness
(1) Only covered workers earning £160 p.a.
(2) Only aged 16-60
(3) Only covered contributor not their family.
(4) Hospital treatment not free


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