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Geography revision

Population & settlement

How has population growth changed over time?

Population growth has been slowly increasing over time until the 1800 1900 where population
growth has increased massively for example from 16001700 the population barely increased
but in 19002000 the population has tripled in size from 2 billion…

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Finally the death rates are lower because the MEDCs have more money to spend on items
that they need such as food water and shelter.
The birth rates are higher in LEDCs because
They have to have children to support them by working so they can earn more money for…

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Natural increase: a natural increase of the population (BR > DR).

Natural decrease: the natural decrease of the population (DR > BR).

LEDC: countries with low economic output per person, often measured by Gross National
Product (GNP).

MEDC: countries with a high economic output per person, often measured by Gross…


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