How flexible is the US constitution?

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How flexible is the US constitution?
This is about formal vs. informal methods of change
i. Formal method article 5 sets out two method by which the
constitution may be amended
Either a proposal supported by two thirds of both chambers
of congress and ratified by three quarters of the states
Or two thirds of state legislatures demand a constitutional
convention which is empowered to alter the constitution by
a two thirds majority
Only 27 formal amendments .these have tended to be
procedural changes ­this supports the view that the
constitution is difficult to change as only neutral technical
issues are able to drum up sufficient support .the vast
majority of proposal fail including the ERA and a flag
burning amendment
ii. But informally changing regularly through judicial review (e.g.
abortion rights-Roe v Wade)as with other issues that the
founding fathers could not have foreseen such as wiretapping
the constitution is kept up to date
This is not to say the constitution is therefore easy to change
The court structure of the united states is often long and
The supreme court is not compelled to hear a particular
case e.g. the courts reluctance to visit separate but equal
issue between 1896 and 1954
Nevertheless the ability of the court to review the meaning of the
constitution keeps it flexible without the danger of wholesale
change that might render it irrelevant.

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