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How far were economic problems responsible for Stalin's decision to replace the new
economic policy in 1928 with the first five year plan?

1. Many regions of the USSR were backward. Stalin said that to be backward was to
be defeated and enslaved. `But if you are powerful, people…

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Said was temporary
Resented as encouraged greed, independence & self-interest
Central control to be relaxed reverting back to capitalism- split Bolsheviks
Trotsky : "1st sign of disgeneration of Bolsheviks"

Economic Impact:

Industry boomed
o Markets reopened, more goods available & food shortages disappeared
o Famine ended
o Peasants cultivated more…

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Improvements in production of commodities left Russia behind Western nations

Ideological causes:

Socialism was only possible in a highly industrialised nation
Believed revolution should serve working class (wanted workers to prosper)

Political causes:

Inspired by collectivisation
Want a reputation to surpass that of Lenin
Concerned Russia unable to defend self


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