How far was ww1 the main cause for the fall of the Romanovs?

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How far was ww1 the main cause of the fall of the Romanovs in feb 1917?
Long-term weaknesses
· Tsar listened to his wife too much- weak- she was german too so bad look
· Didn't listen to his people/ grant them political freedom
· Lacked strong gov
· Constant disorganisation of the state
· Food became scarce-Inflation-Strikes for flour & sugar
· Peasants sons rarely returned from the front- 80% of pop so need to keep happy- could not
plough, sow or bring in the harvests as the young men were off fighting in the war- still heavily in
debt after the emancipation of the serfs- had to buy their freedom over 50 years, and many were
still serfs
· Russian army lost 2 ½ mil men- more than any other-Lower ranks were purposely led by
generals-War dept weak in 1st aid-Lack of supplies
The workers in the cities worked very long hours - up to 14 hours a day, six days a week, for
very little pay,
lived in dormitories as house building had not kept pace with demand .
The Tsar took personal command of the army after its terrible start to the war-he was as
inept as a military leader as he was a political leader, and many blamed him for Russia's
disastrous campaigns.
heighten discontent throughout society enough for it to revolt.
Loss of Traditional supporters
· People of higher class started to declare that the Duma should make the Tsar abdicate
Strengths of revolutionary groups
· Mensheviks gaining support as there were more problems & people knew that the M could
help deal with them & start a rev
Communism, along with many other radical ideologies flourished in Imperial Russia
Lenin's Bolsheviks found that after the February Revolution, they could dominate the soviets
(councils) and began to push for ALL power to be held by the soviets, rather than the
Provisional Government
Mistakes of Tsar
· Didn't prepare for war ­ transport issues

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Commander in chief= responsible for deaths
· Didn't grant political freedom- this had been asked for so long
· Leaving wife & Rasputin in charge= irresponsible- Rasputin already had bad reputation
Bloody Sunday and the 1905 Revolution.…read more


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