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How far does Stalin's position as General secretary explain his success in defeating his rivals in
the years 1924-9?

General Secretary in 1922

enabling him to put those who supported him in positions of power within the party
put into their jobs by Stalin, so they were unlikely to turn…

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always took a moderate position so he gained support from all sides
His policy of `World Revolution' was popular because it avoided conflict.

rivals weaknesses


missed Lenin's funeral, and gave the impression of being uninterested in taking power
he also believed in `world revolution' unpopular because of the conflict…

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At the end of the 1920s he decided to go for rapid industrialisation and the majority of
party members supported thishis policies matched what they had wanted throughout
the debate. They felt that they could relate to him.
Socialism in One Country Nationalistic. Russia a role in history as the…


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