How far did World War One change British society?

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How far did the First World War change British society? (b question, 24 marks)
1) Class barriers
a) The government controls affected EVERYONE.
b) Everyone suffered in the war: whether deaths or food shortages.
c) Rationing in 1918 improved the Working class diet.
d) Rowntree study 1935:
i) 1901: 35% had a religious belief.
ii) 1935: only 18% had a religious belief.
iii) WWI shook this belief.
2) Economy
a) Under greater government controls.
b) Ministry of munitions:
i) Factories
ii) Production
iii) Pay/Conditions
iv) Rent
v) Profits
c) Dilution agreements between the TUs.
3) Women
a) Number of women employed increased by 600%
i) Agriculture
ii) Administration
iii) Post Office
iv) Armed services.
v) Banking
b) Public sphere
i) Appearance of women changed.
ii) Greater independence.
iii) Equal pay to men ( but only so men still employed)
c) Legislation
i) Representation of the People's Act 1918
(1) Women over 30 could vote
ii) Sex Disqualification Act
(1) Could work in civil service and local government.
(2) Could also serve on juries.

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1) Class barriers
a) Working class women: mutionettes.
i) Middle class women: shop floor managers.
b) Division in the trenches.
c) Religion
i) Still played a big role
(1) Burials
(2) Front line
(3) Dealing with loss
2) Economy
a) 1906-14: already began government intervention and social policy.
b) Controls only short term: re-privatised.
c) Rationing not compulsory until 1918.
3) Women
a) Temporary change
i) Return to the home
ii) Legislation: job given to a wartime hero.…read more



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