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Royal Court
How England was ruled
King Leading nobles ­ they seek favour
in the 16th Centaury
from the king
(Only in session when the king House of lords ) makes laws
wants something) House of Commons ) Grant
Privy council Prerogative courts
-Closest friends and family of the king -Star Chamber
--they would advise the king on making -Court of wards
decisions -Council of the North
JPs Justice of the peace
-Ground level work
-Position was one of honour
-Collect taxes and help sheriff with law and order…read more

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The Government
of Henry VIII King
The Privy Council
People appointed by
The court
the King to give advice
All persons in
on affairs of state. E.g.
attendance of the
Cromwell and Wolsey
king on any given
day. The court
moved from place
to place with the The Privy Chamber
king. Part of the household. It had it's own staff, outside
E.g. Duke of Norfolk, of the jurisdiction of lord Chamberlain who looked
Cromwell and after the rest of the household. The head of the
Wolsey. privy chamber was the groom of the stool. There
were also gentlemen of the privy chamber, who
attended on the King's most intimate
requirements. E.g. Henry Norris and William
Compton…read more


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