How effectively did the USA contain the spread of communism?

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How effectively did the USA contain the spread of communism?


Large island 160km from Florida.
American ally.
Americans owned most of the business and had a large naval base there.
American recreation ground.
1959 ­ after three year guerrilla campaign ­ Fidel Castro overthrow the…

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October Crisis:
14th October 1962 ­ American U-2 spy plane flew over Cuba ­ photos of missile sites in
Evident that they were nuclear missile sites being built by the USSR.
More photos confirmed this.
Some were already supplied with missiles ­ others were waiting for them.
Experts said…

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To get the upper hand in the arms race ­ concerned about the missile gap between the USSR
and USA.

Cuba remained Communist and highly armed but nuclear missiles were withdrawn with UN
Khrushchev had an improved reputation in his country and claimed a personal victory ­ that…

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1955 ­ Americans helped Ngo Dinh Diem to set up the Republic of South Vietnam ­ he was
bitterly anti-Communist and was willing to imprison or exile Communists.
Treated peasants with no respect ­ came from landlord class.
Showed little respect for the Buddhist religion of most peasants ­ was…

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1966-71 ­ 27,000 SV civilians killed by Viet Cong.
Never gave up.

US Tactics:
1965 ­ Operation Rolling Thunder ­ bombing raids on industrial and military targets ­
trying to force Ho Chi Minh to negotiate ­ failed to do this.
Continued until 1972 ­ bombed North and South…

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Demonstrations and sit-ins at universities ­ 4 shot dead in Kent State University (Ohio) at a
demonstration by the National Guard.

My Lai Massacre (1968):
Search and destroy mission in My Lai ­ told there was a VC HQ there with 200 VC guerrillas.
Told that the villagers would have…

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Damaged crops ­ food shortages.
Destroyed 5.4 million acres of forest areas and the species living there.
Poisoned streams/rivers.
US Troops:
Drug addiction ­ Hard drugs available easily in Vietnam ­ heroin use by US troops at 30%.
Confusion and bitterness ­ not welcomed home like after WW2 ­ difficulty…


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