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Stephanie Ogbonnia ­ Okafor 9.5

Romeo and Juliet Essay

How does Shakespeare present Capulet in Act 1Scene 5 and Act 3 Scene

Romeo and Juliet is a romantic, love, tragedy play written by William
Shakespeare. It is about two star ­ crossed lovers who are destined to be

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Stephanie Ogbonnia ­ Okafor 9.5

he says to Tybalt, "... You'll not endure him? God shall mend my soul you'll make
a mutiny among my guests! You will set a cockahoop! You'll be the man! The
exclamation marks show that the man who was once calm has now changed

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Stephanie Ogbonnia ­ Okafor 9.5

I think Capulet's behaviour is unacceptable and vile. He Is vile because he think
he knows what his daughter wants but truly doesn't. Love is a growing stage that
doesn't come easily within a short space of time. I feel that real love is one…


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