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Illusions - Definition
There are several definitions for an `illusion' (as
sourced from Google):
- an erroneous mental representation
- something many people believe that is false;
"they have the illusion that I am very wealthy"
- delusion: the act of deluding; deception by
creating illusory ideas
- magic trick: an illusory feat; considered
magical by naive observers
All of the above mention how visual perception can
be affected by simple shapes or objects.…read more

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Depth Cues
Depth Cues explain why we see things as we do.
Relative Size
Is where a closer object looks bigger than one that is
further away. This is because objects that are closer
make a bigger image on the retina.…read more

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Depth Cues
Texture Gradient
Is where objects that are closer look more detailed in
texture, while if you look at them from a distance, the
texture isn't very clear.…read more

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Depth Cues
Height in the plane
Is where your brain automatically divides the landscape
into a top and bottom half. If you look at the bottom
half, it will seem closer and the top half will look further
away.…read more

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Depth Cues
Is where one object obstructs the view of the full
landscape. A partly concealed object must be blocked
by the object covering it. E.g. a lamp post in front of a
house.…read more

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A useful set of summary slides, thank you!

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