How did WWI affect people at home?

A balanced arguement for good points of war along with bad points.

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How did WWI affect people at home?
Farmers: Did well out of the war because the `U' boat campaign meant that
little imported food was getting to Britain. They also had guaranteed markets
for their produce from government contracts to supply the armed forces.
Women: Found new freedom and confidence during the war as a result of the
financial independence given to them by war work. (Munitions factories,
nursing, Women's Land Army, WRNS etc.)
The poor: Enjoyed a better standard of living as unemployment fell and
rationing improved diets.
Workers: Had a much better bargaining position in disputes with their
employers so wages and conditions improved.
The rich: Were hit hard by income tax and sometimes had to sell off their land
and homes in order to pay `death duties'.
Conscientious Objectors: Were often treated badly and many were even
Everybody: Suffered the loss of loved ones
Soldiers: Had to endure the dreadful conditions of the trenches.


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