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Propaganda is the use of the
media to aggressively promote
on point of view
Propaganda is Brainwashing
Posters, Leaflets, Radio and
Television broadcasts
Made by Helen Walford…read more

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Josef Goebbels
When Adolf Hitler
became chancellor in
January, 1933, he
appointed Goebbels as
Minister for Public
Enlightenment and
During the Second World
War Goebbels played an
important role in Made by Helen Walford…read more

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Goebbels controlled the radio
broadcasting stations and formed the
Reich Radio Company which controlled
all local stations
By 1939, 70% of German households had
a radio, and those who didn't were able
to listen to loudspeakers which were put
up by the Nazis
Local radio wardens encouraged the
spread of radio and ensured that
Made by Helen Walford
important broadcasts, such as the…read more

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Many different posters were displayed
around Germany during the time of Nazi
Glorified Hitler and the Nazis
Depicted Jews, Communists, Women etc as
Encouraged women to be the perfect
woman/wife Made by Helen Walford…read more

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Der Giftpilz (The
Mushroom) was a
German children's
book, which
promoted anti-
Made by Helen Walford…read more

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