How did the Nazis help themselves?

Just a few notes in bullet points of how the Nazis helped themselves get into power in 1933. Notes designed for OCR course but may be useful for others who study German history.

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How did the Nazis help themselves?
Three main sections ­ Policies, Hitler and Method
Anti-Semitism, racial purity
Social Darwinism
Aggressive Nationalism
Territorial expansion ­ Lebensraum
Equal rights for German people
Only German blooded people are part of the state
The first duty of citizens to do physical or mental work
Abolish mercenary army
Anti-democracy - Furherprinzip
Against Treaty Of Versailles
Old age insurance
Economic policies - autarky, for state and not individuals, helped farmers and small
State provided livelihood ­ food shortages, work (millions were unemployed)
Greater Germany
25 point plan
Hitler Youth movement ­ reinstate good German values
Death Penalty = strong government
Militarism ­ SA strong, against TOV
o Great public speaker
o Communicated with people
o Entranced people
o DAP and NSDAP = leader of them
o Sent to prison for treason ­ wrote Mein Kempf
o Publicity ­ defended himself during his trial
o Personally designed Nazi flag ­ swastika
o Power
o Captivates audience
o Seems powerful to everyone
o Lazy ­ gets others to do work for him, uses their loyalty, people do things to get in his favour
o Gets trust from many
o Personality was key to success
o Vague speeches
Promises ­ Hoped strong leader would crush TOV. Unite people
Propaganda ­ made the party look strong

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Trained speakers at school
Public parades
Alliance with Nationalist Party
SA to control people
Violence ­ frightened people
Disciplined marches
Controlled the media
SA and SS were key
Loud speakers
Local propaganda ­ targeted key individuals
Used aeroplane to get around ­ 1st person to do so
Mass rallies
Trained up local respected people to speak ­ influence Nazi ideas
Harzberg front ­ link with media. German press. Papers start reporting Nazi news. Hitler
gains a wider audience and more votes.…read more


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