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WAR START ? (1943 ­
1956)…read more

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The Grand Alliance and three
1943 ­ grand alliance formed by Britain, USSR
and USA
United by opposition of the Nazis, "marriage of
convenience"…read more

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Tehran - 1943
Held to decide fate of Europe after the war
Agreed = USSR could have a "sphere of
influence"…read more

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Yalta - 1945
Agreed =
Russians troops would help to defeat Japan
A communist government in Poland
Establish the UN
Disagreed =
The definition of democracy
Truman not willing to compromise (hates
Roosevelt dies 2 months later…read more

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Potsdam - 1945
Agreed =
Split Germany into 4 zones
Communist and capitalist government in Poland
Ban the Nazi party
Disagreed =
the reparations amounts from quarters (USA
wants to rebuild Vs. USSR wants to money)
Stalin given poorer segment = tension
Truman asserts authority because of A-Bomb
(arrogance because of it) (competition with Stalin)
Stalin creates communist Polish government
(creating buffer zone)…read more

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Fear of War ­ Paranoia
Iron curtain speech - 1946
Division of Europe based on ideology, Stalin =
threat (preparing for war)
The long telegram ­ 1946
Stalin wants to destroy capitalism ­ building
military power ­ no hope of peace
Novikov's telegram ­ 1946
America wants to dominate the world
Truman no longer wants co-operation
American public are preparing for war…read more

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