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Peace and War ­ Development of the Cold War - Answers
1. At the Tehran Conference in December 1943 the `big three' allied leaders ­ Winston Churchill, Roosevelt
and Stalin ­ decided that:
Russia should have a `sphere of influence in the East' where they were free to impose communist…

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Set up in 1949 to coordinate the economies of Eastern Europe
Arranged for the import and export of raw materials and manufactured goods
Tried to offer an alternative route to prosperity for the countries of Eastern Europe, instead of trading with
the west.
Cominform (The Communist Information Bureau):
Gave orders…

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14. The Truman Doctrine: The USA would support any nation threatened by a communist takeover. For example the
USA gave $400 million of aid to Turkey and Greece to try to stop communism spreading. A civil war had started
in Greece in 1946 between the pro-Western government and communists ­…

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In August 1945, the USA dropped two atomic bombs on Japan ­ destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagaski.
These bombs were incredibly powerful and thousands of civilians were killed.
In 1949, the USSR exploded their own atomic bomb.
In 1952, the USA developed the even more powerful hydrogen bomb.…


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