How did life in Egypt affect Medicine?

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How did life in Egypt affect medicine?
1. River Nile
2. Rich Crops
3. Wealthy people
4. Specialist craftsmen
5. Metal workers
6. Doctors
7. Trade: new herbs
8. Writing
9. Religion
River Nile:
Egyptian doctors got their ideas from the river Nile they used these ideas for
Believed the Nile worked like bodies with the channels.
Life to farmland
Rich Crops
When the Nile flooded it left fertile soil behind therefore providing good crops.
Farming was so successful they became rich.
Wealthy People
Were rich and had powerful leaders
Rich/wealthy from their trades.
Farming made them rich.
Rich Egyptians employed specialist craftsmen.
Craftsmen were highly skilled
Were able to make things to help other craftsmen
They made jewellery from special metals
Made tools and jewellery from bronze
Were able to make medical tools (surgical)
They looked after the rich
The doctors mainly looked after rulers
Spent most of their lives trying to make more medicine
Widespread trade links
India, china and parts of Africa the received and sent cargo to

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How did life in Egypt affect medicine?
Shipped plants and herbal remedies
Egyptians developed papyrus (reeds)
Papyrus was more convenient
Doctors benefitted from it
The Egyptians were polytheistic
They believed you had life after death
They wrapped important people up to make into mummies to preserve them.…read more


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