How did Hitler consolidate power 1933-1934?

A powerpoint covering Hitler beoming chancellor, the Reichstag Fire, Enabling Act, Concordat and the Night of the Long Knives. Hope it's helpful :)

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1933-1934…read more

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Hitler demanded the post of chancellor, but
Hindenburg was suspicious and refused.
At this time Franz Von Papen was chancellor but
had virtually no support from the Reichstag. In
Dec 1923 Kurt Von Schleicher was made
chancellor but Hindenburg realised he needed
someone with the support of the Reichstag.
On Jan 30th 1933 Hindenburg offered Hitler the
There were only a few Nazis in the cabinet and
Hindenburg was confident he could resist Hitler's
extremist demands.…read more

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Reichstag Fire
27th March 1933.
A Dutch communist- Marinus Van Der Lubbe-
was found guilty.
Hitler was pleased as he had 4000 leading
communists arrested and it meant he could pass
the a `decree for the protection of the people and
the state' which allowed him to disrupt
communist meetings and arrest more.
By banning communists and joining with the
Center Party, there was now a full Nazi
It has been suggested that the Nazis started the
fire themselves.…read more

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Enabling Act
24th March 1933.
Allowed Hitler to rule single-handedly
without consulting the Reichstag for an
"emergency period" of 4 years. This effectively
made him a dictator.
Hitler needed to obtain 2/3 of the votes for the
law to be passed. To guarantee he would get
enough votes he:
Got the SS to intimidate the opposition.
81 communists from the Reichstag were expelled.…read more

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20th July 1933.
Hitler singed an agreement with the Church.
The church agreed not to comment on
political matters if the Nazis agreed not to
interfere with religion.…read more

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Night of the Long Knives
30th June 1934.
Hitler was getting concerned that the SA and
their leader- Ernst Rohm- were getting too
The German army saw the SA as a rival. It
would not support Hitler unless the SA was
Assassination squads from the SS murdered
leaders and members of the SA. It is estimated
400 were killed.…read more

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