How did Hitler become chancellor in 1933?

Essay showing the steps leading to Adolf Hitler becoming chancellor of Germany in 1933.

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How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?

In July 1932, elections were held in the Reichstag. The Nazis came out of the elections as the
largest single party with 230 seats. As a result of the Reichstag elections, Hitler should have
automatically become the Chancellor of the Weimar Republic. However,…

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In the late 1920s, Hitler began to realise that the only way he could become truly powerful was
through the up and coming Reichstag elections. The Nazis increased their membership greatly
during the late 1920s. They did this by winning over the working and middle classes. The
working classes were…

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I think that all of the events and factors mentioned above played important roles in Hitler's road
to Chancellorship, but there are two that played the largest part of all: propaganda and Hitler. I
think that the support gained from the propaganda and Hitler's speeches were the main
contributing factors…


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