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China's economy has changed in the last 50 years. It has dramatically changed its
economy by becoming more of a MEDC rather than a LEDC. The economy has
changed so that they now have more development indicators. These include:

Large GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
Chinas Gross Domestic Product was

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China overtakes Japan as world's second largest economy

China has taken over Japan in the battles for the second largest economy. Japan
has held the title for over 40 years. Japan grew 3.9% but this was not enough to
catch up with China.
Japans GDP was $5.4742 Trillion
Chinas GDP…

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was an `unlucky place'. China has developed its technology to become one of the
largest technology exporters in the world. It has many trades with other countries.
China is the third biggest country in the world and is probably the biggest
superpower in the world.


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