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How did America React to the
end of WW1
IMAGE…read more

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I Isolationism
M Money
A American Soldiers
G German Immigrants
E Empires…read more

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This meant America wanted to stay out of foreign affairs
They believed America should stay out of Europe's affairs
and Europe should stay out of Americas…read more

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American businessmen were worried about the cost of
the League ­ paying taxes for its organisation
They were also worried about losing trade if it decided to
impose sanctions…read more

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American Soldiers
100,000 soldiers had died in WW1 and many Americans
couldn't see why they should die to keep peace
elsewhere in the world.…read more

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German immigrants
Many Americans were immigrants from Europe and they
still had ties there
So German immigrants hated the treaty of Versailles just
as much as the Germans in Germany…read more

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