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Catriona Ashley Miller

How beneficial was Mary's marriage to
Was Mary's a marriage of equals?
As with all monarchs, was M's duty to provide heir - esp. important for M as son/daughter more likely
to perpetuate RC faith that she sought to restore. Despite age/gynaecological problems, M
determined to…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

rusty. M and P2's common lang was Fr - she could speak and he could understand. Communicated
further thwarted by P2's lack of social skills, but he made effort to treat M with warm affection.

M thought she was pregnant twice - end of 1554 and beginning…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

December Plans were concluded for co-ordinated risings in Kent, Hertfordshire, Devon and
Leicestershire on 18th March 1554.

27 December HRE's commissioners arrived in Eng. to begin negotiations on marriage treaty.


14 January Terms of marriage treaty announced by proclamation - provoked earlier action than
rebels planned.…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

Mary decided to wait for the rebels in London, rather than
sending forces to meet them in Kent.

The marriage itself didn't take place until July 1554, 12 months into reign, and even after ceremony
itself, P2 spent more time abroad than in Eng.

Despite Mary's…


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