How bacteria can affect the lives of humans and other organisms (A2 Unit 5 25 Mark Essay)

This is an essay that I wrote for a past paper.  My teacher marked it at 22/25 and suggested that to improve, I should have talked more about the nitrogen and nutrient cycles and how bacteria are actively involved in them. 

I got really into this essay, and am a very fast writer! :)

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Tom Barnes

How bacteria can affect the lives of humans and other organisms.

Bacteria are small, prokaryotic organisms. This means that they do not have a distinct nucleus.
Instead their DNA takes the form of a plasmid, which is a cyclical ring of DNA.

Bacteria have a lot of positive…

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Tom Barnes

On the other hand, the disease Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Bovis is a disease that is more
commonly known as Bovine TB. This disease is believed to be spread amongst cattle by carrier
badgers that live nearby. The TB in the cattle could pose as serious health risks to humans,…

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Tom Barnes

Nitrogen fixing bacteria fix nitrogen into compounds that we can use, and rather interestingly have a
symbiotic relationship with plants such as those in the legumes family. They are allowed to live in
nodes in their roots, which provide the bacteria with a place to live and reproduce,…


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