How are new technologies affecting

This was one of my first case studies for media studies, got a high C or low B, depends how you want to look at it. So maybe be helpful for getting ideas from, rather than copying. 

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How are new technologies affecting
the ways in which we watch film?
The ways in which we consume film are changing dramatically, the showing of film on your
TV hasn't been around all that long at all, this would increase the popularity of staying home
and watching film instead of going to the cinema, which is what would happen before the
time of digital TV. In this essay I hope to explain why new technologies, like the use of digital
TV, have affected the ways in which we watch film.
The changes in home entertainment has risen dramatically, an increase of DVD sales show
that people now prefer to watch films at home instead of spending money at the cinema
this could be showing that people are either too lazy to go to the cinema or cinemas are
being expensive and are only for special occasions.
The amount of illegally watch film has increased as could be because the internet is coming
out with new and different ways of getting round cyber blocks and downloading films that
may of just only got into the cinema, then being distributed among the younger generation,
this can be seen in the amount of legally watched films online which is only at 1.0%, even
this supports the fact that the cinema is becoming less important when consuming films.
But the changes in the cinema are keeping up with the demand in new technology coming
out for home entertainment, for example, the increase in 3D films which are now commonly
known, unlike 3D TVs which are very expensive and are still being developed. 28 3D films have
been released in 2010, higher than in 2009, where only roughly 12 were released, this
supports the idea that 3D films are now commonly being produced, trying to draw in more
people into the cinema. The increase of multiplex cinemas have grown, showing the
development of new technologies enabling companies to increase the amount of screens at
a cinema, therefore, increasing the amount of income, both by an increase in cinema
screens and an increase by 4% in ticket prices, showing there smaller amount of people
going to the cinema than before for them to increase ticket price.
Also new technology has raised proliferation of options, leading to more films being
accessed on modern platforms, for example, the Xbox360 and the PS3 now lets you watch
films from companies like "Lovefilm" and other various online video stores for a small price
to pay a month. This links to the use of on VoD (video on demand), sites like "BBC iplayer"
now enable you to watch past TV programmes online, which is anyway of affecting the way
we watch films. More importantly watching films on different platforms has greatly affected
the way we watch films, as it has become a lot easier, faster and cheaper to do it this way,
rather than the conventional way of buying DVDs or Blu-rays


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