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Ecology and ecosystems
Ecology ­ from the Greek oikos
meaning "home"…read more

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An organisms home or habitat lies in the
biosphere. The scale varies:
· small micro-habitats e.g. under a leaf or
· Specific locations e.g. pond
· Zones e.g. layers in the tropical rainforest
· Biomes ­ large areas cutting across whole
continents…read more

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How an ecosystem works…read more

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An ecosystem is all the living organisms of a
defined area together with their inter-
relationships with the environment…read more

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Ecosystems are often represented as
having a number of parts or components.
The living parts are described as
belonging to different trophic levels (see
diagram)…read more

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The whole system is powered by the sun,
but successive levels of the ecosystem
obtain their energy in different ways:…read more

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