How A Bill Becomes An Act

Revision notes on statute creation: how a bill becomes an act. Suitable for Edexcel AS Government and Politics.

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How a bill becomes an act:
1st Reading: formally introduced to allow MP's to
consider the proposals
2nd Reading: aims and main principles of the bill are
debated. Voting is whipped on govt. bills. Noncontroversial
bills may be discussed by a committee instead of the whole
Committee stage: Details of bill are discussed by a
standing committee composed of MP's from different
parties roughly in proportion to their no.'s in the house. The
govt may attempt to use the guillotine in his stage to set a
time limit to curtail debate. (this ensures completion of this
Report Stage: The House considers amendments
made @ the committee stage and may make further
Third Reading: The bill as a whole is debated. Whipped
voting. Usually takes place together with the report stage.
The bill passes through the same 5 stages as the
If they accept the bill it is passed for Royal assent
If they reject the bill, it is delayed for a year.
If they amend the bill, it goes back to the Commons, which
accept the changes or the Lords withdraw them.
In practice, only a formality. The Bill
becomes an Act of Parliament.


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