How effective were the Liberal Reforms?

Grid with each Liberal Reform, with what it did, who it helped, and what made it effective/not effective. Should help with practice for 16 mark questions.

I hope this is useful

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How effective were the Liberal Reforms?
Group of people Action taken Effective Not effective
Free School meals, 1906 1914: 150,000+ received 1 good meal a day Local councils didn't have to provide
School medical inspections, 1907 Free, compulsory check-ups
School clinics, 1912 Treatment not free until 1912
Children and Young Persons Act, 1908 Children = protected persons- Hard to enforce measures protecting
neglect/abuse= prosecution children
Borstals Borstals not always better for children
than prisons
Old Age Pensions Act, 1908 70+: 5s per week; couples: 7s 6d. (Paid for Refused to ppl who hadn't worked to
Elderly by gov't) the best of their abilities
Labour Exchanges Act, 1909 1913: 3,000 jobs a day Many jobs on offer: short term + casual.
Workers Gov't did nothing to make jobs secure
National Insurance Act Part 1, 1911 10s per week if sick (paid by worker, Poorest works resented having to pay 4d
employer, gov't) per week
National Insurance Act Pert 2, 1911 7s 6d per week if unemployed (paid for by Not enough for average family to survive
worker, employed, gov't) Pay stopped after 15 weeks


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