How Agents Socialise us + Norms and values

Some notes that i have collect and compiled from mark schemes and the yellow textbook. Proves useful in both Unit 1 and Unit 2 



Social Control


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How peers make you conform
Negative Sanctions
Peer group pressure to conform to the groups norms
Role modelling of higher status members
Shared activities
Similar clothing, styles and tastes Punks and their hair and safety pins
Values in society
Privacy ­ People are entitled to their own space and living, unjudged by others. For
example not looking at someone phone on the train
Tolerance Being aware but sensitive other people's cultures, gender, life choices or class
are valued as important as it leads to a harmonious society
Academic achievement People are highly valued if they work hard and achieve with
certifications as
these as thought of as important
Formal agents
Police arrest
Army Physical force to control
Courts Determine a persons guilt
How the family socialises us into gender identity
Sanctions Punishing a girl for playing
Manipulation (encouraging a gendered behaviour) and Cannalisation (gender norms or
roles are channelled through goods)
Language Nicknames
Role models ­ Copy behaviours of parents
Negative FTW Positive FTW
Evokes fear so avoid The fear of God or Fear Positive sanction Actively being told what the
of prison Prevents bad behaviour good behaviour was encourages it
Peer exclusion during Youth To make Education positive sanctions To improve
members conform student behaviour and attitude to learning
Media Censorship Watershed after 9pm to Workplace positive sanctions Encourage job
discourages adult themes and Vulgar language satisfaction and therefore improve conformity
and negative response to the language
Showing standard and upkeep of values

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Peers= most effective
Peer Pressure
Need to Conform
Fear of exclusion
Biggest influence of youth
Peer Group Pressure
Lose importance as we grow up Education, Work, Media and Family
Importance varies for strata Higher class may respond to the Education agent better as upper
classs people tend to value education more.…read more


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