Housing Report in Felixstowe

This is the start of a report I was writing about the housing problem around Felixstowe and Trimley. It could be used as a case study in the exam. Sorry I haven't finished it but I haven't got time before my exam...

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Housing in Felixstowe Report
There is a national problem throughout the UK which involves a lack of housing for those who need it.
Affordable housing is required in all areas because the economy is causing families to lose money and
cannot afford accommodation. The government has pledged that 500,000 new houses need to be
built by 2021. These will be spread across the country with 58,000 being placed in Suffolk and
10,000 in Suffolk Coastal District.
There are many proposals of where new houses will be built and these are being debated by
stakeholders. There are many social factors to be looked at before deciding where the best place
for development is. In a larger area there will be a loss of community spirit which is the reason why
some people decide to live in the smaller villages on the outskirts of Suffolk. Traffic will be increased
and therefore the infrastructure and road networks will need to be improved to cope with this
demand. This will cost more money and could be a more expensive option if the building work needs
to take place. On the other hand, there will be more services and amenities for the local population
such as shops and schools. This would increase trade in the area and encourage other people to
travel to and visit the area. The area will be able to be linked with other development areas and
communication between them would be evident. Transport links between larger settlements is also
important so that local people can travel for work and services which are further away. These may be
in Felixstowe or Ipswich.
There will be economic impacts and factors that need to be taken into consideration. The buying and
selling of farming land will create economic activity. This would need to be in the farmer's best
interest because they would be giving up their whole lifestyle and working life to the new
development. There will be a huge investment in the houses that are being built in the area and
profits will be created for the building companies. In addition, this will be able to employ local people
as builders so that they will be able to earn a wage. As I mentioned earlier, the farming land would be
lost which would entail the farmers being out of work. It should be considered as a major factor of
where houses should be placed. New shops will be built and this will create revenue for the area. This
could also have a downside because the level of crime will increase in a more populated area where
services are present. These need to be evaluated by stakeholders and the local council to reveal the
benefits and drawbacks of this solution.
I believe that the environmental factors of the location are one of the most important to consider.
Many habitats will be destroyed because the land will be cleared for housing and infrastructure.
Footpaths which are set by the council will be built on which means there is less areas for local people
to walk dogs, for example. When the land is cleared, the wooded areas will be cut down which will
mean that all the trees will be cut down. This could be detrimental as there will be more carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere which is not being converted to oxygen through respiration by the trees
and other green plants. Noise and sound pollution will occur in the area and could affect other areas
of land such as the SSSI area of outstanding beauty in Landguard. This is also increased because of
Felixstowe docks. The ecosystems in these areas will be broken and some vulnerable species will
suffer. Many road links will need to be built which would be home to the new houses. The utilities for
the houses need to be installed in the area which would involve connecting the electricity, gas, water
and sewerage to other areas. This could impact the other donor area as their supplies could be
affected. Sustainable housing is an important option so that the environment is cared for in the
future. Government initiatives are helping building designs to become more eco-friendly. When the

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produce methane from the decomposition and contribute to global warming.…read more


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