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Household Electricity…read more

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Alternating Current
· Cells and batteries supply direct current
· DC ­ passes round circuit in one direction
· Current from mains supply is alternating
· AC ­ the current alternates, so it
repeatedly reverses its direction…read more

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· Frequency is 50 hertz (Hz) ­ alternates 50
times each second
· The voltage of the mains supply is 230 V…read more

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· Potential difference between live wire and
`earth' is referred to as potential difference
of live wire
· Live wire alternates between a positive
and negative potential
· Voltage of live wire alternates between
+325 volts and -325 volts
· Neutral wire stays at 0 volts…read more

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Half-wave rectification
· Diode used to convert alternating current
to direct current
· Oscilloscope shows how pd varies…read more

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Cables and Plugs
· Most = three-pin plugs
· Outer cover made from electric insulator such
as plastic or rubber
· Pins made of brass ­ conducts electricity,
hard and won't rust
· Cable grip must be fastened tightly over cable
· No bare wires showing
· Correct wire must be in correct pin…read more

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