house styles, import/export files, needs of users of standard/generic applications

chapter 3 notes on the above

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House styles, importing and exporting files between standard or generic
applications, different needs of users of standard or generic applications
Companies spend a lot of money making sure people recognise their products
They invest in house style that people become familiar with
Documents can be created to force people to follow a theme
Ways of achieving a house style:
-master slides
- Style sheets
- Templates
Describe how to Import/ export files between standard/generic
applications with no common format
Different applications from the same provider will save files in
different formats as different file types are suited to different
Another reason for having different file types is that operating systems
recognise the file extensions and link them to particular programmes.
Knowing a file extension or file type can help when searching for files.
E.g. to search for a letter saved in Microsoft word you can start by
searching for all files with a doc. extension.
If data is saved in one application but the user needs to use it in another
application the data will need to be converted
Text files: txt and rtf (rich text format) for documents, CSV (comma
separated variable) and TSV (tab separated variable) for spreadsheets
or tables of data and dbf and CSV for databases
Explain the needs of different users of standard/generic applications
Different users need different things from the software they use. A
secretary, a translator and a technical author will have different
requirements for a word processor. The following are examples of
different needs of a word processor.
A secretary uses lots of documents so will need a wide range of fonts,
spell check and grammar and template facilities.
A translator will take a document from one language and convert into
another. They will need a language specific dictionary with the ability to
insert specialist characters.
A technical author will need a technical dictionary and thesaurus,
automatic section numbering and indexing, specialist graphics, the
facility to import and export, and the facility to automatically format
work into report style.


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