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The House of
Representatives…read more

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The House has been limited to no more than 435
members since 1911. The Representatives are
arranged proportionally to the spread of
population amongst the states.
Representatives are elected on two-year terms
To be elected, you must be at least 25 years old,
have been a US citizen for at least 7 years, and be
an inhabitant of the state you wish to represent.…read more

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The typical Representative is...
Male ­ only 75 women out of 435)
Experienced ­ only 68 Freshmen
And white-American ­ 76 Representatives are
Hispanic, Asian, American Indian or African
If you are Republican, then you are even more
male, experienced and white.…read more

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Exclusive Powers
Coin money (because originally only the
House was directly elected and the Founding
Fathers believed that the people should say
where their money goes ­ taxation with
Impeachment (of anyone in Executive or
Elect President (only if electoral college is
deadlocked)…read more

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Concurrent Powers (With Senate)
Pass legislation
Override the President's veto
Initiate constitutional amendments
Confirm newly appointed VP
Declare war…read more

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Speaker's Role
John Boehner (Republican) is the current Speaker of
the House
The Speaker of the House is 2nd in line for Presidency
(after the VP)
His main powers are:
To preside over the House
Interpret and enforce rules of the House
Appointing select and conference committee chairs
Referring bills to standing committees
Appointing majority party members of the House Rules
Committee…read more

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Old Sir


Very simple and straightforward, this resource explains the make up of the house of representatives but does not extend into house committees or its relationship in legislating with the senate.

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