House Md; A review

House is my favourite program so I did my essay about it.

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Let me tell you about House
Dr Gregory House is a fictional character in the hit US television series House. House is the Head of
Diagnostics working at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. House has his own team, and lets
them do all the hard work until they can't figure out what is wrong with the patient, and then House
will step in with a usually dangerous and risky cure for the patient. House also has to do Clinic Hours,
which he tries his hardest to avoid, and makes his team do them for him.
House is an egotistical maniac. He doesn't follow the rules, his says what he wants when he wants but
he is also very perceptive and intelligent. House is similar to Sherlock Holmes in the way that he can
tell things about a persons past just by looking at them and noticing things about them for example a
dirty wedding ring but a clean necklace would mean someone's marriage isn't good. House is very
anti social, he goes to great lengths to avoid any social interaction and he only really has one friend
which is Wilson. House has said that his Dad was in the military so he moved around a lot as a child,
but he also insists a family friend is his biological Dad, this is an example of how he thinks that
"everybody lies". James Wilson is the Head of Oncology, and is very caring and loyal towards House.
Wilson believes House has a "Rubik's complex", he just wants to solve the puzzle. He obsessed over
the possible illness of a patient. Apart from Wilson, he's only really had 1 connection with another
person, and that was with Stacey, his ex-girlfriend. Dr Allison Cameron, who works on House's team,
is attracted to House because he is "damaged". Many people think that House doesn't care about
anything, however as the program goes on we see little parts of Houses true self, showing that
despite the act he puts on, he does actually care about other people. An example of this would be
when House lied to the transplant committee so that a business woman who self harmed and was
bulimic got a heart transplant, as she wouldn't have been able to get the heart if the committee
knew about her issues.
House walks with a cane, he suffers from chronic pain and permanent weakness in his right leg.
House had an undiagnosed infarction is the artery leading to his thigh, which was left for days before
House himself suggested what it could be. House asked to be put into an induced coma so he could
sleep through the worst of the pain, refusing to let the Doctors amputate his leg. As Stacey was his
medical proxy, she decided house was going to let his stubbornness kill him, so she signed the
consent form to surgically remove the dead tissue in his leg before it spreads and poisons the rest of
his body. When House realises what she had done, he resents her for it, even though it saved his life.
This shows just how stubborn he is. People associate Houses personality and behaviour with his leg
pain, but according to Houses ex girlfriend he's always been the way he is, even before his leg.
House takes Vicodin to relieve the pain. In season 1 the Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy bets him he
can't go a week without Vicodin. He starts to go through withdrawal and detox's. He makes rash
decisions, his judgement is affected, and he is very irritable and is in a lot of pain. After this House
admits to Wilson he is an addicted but denies it affects his life. House doesn't want to come off the
drugs, as he wouldn't have a way of dealing with everyday life. He avoids things, and if he has to do
something he uses Vicodin as his crutch.
House has very poor bedside manner. House gets shot in season 3, and while he is passed out he
hallucinates about who shot him. He see's the ex husband of a former patient, who blames House for
their marriage break up. According to the ex husband the wife came in for a simple operation, but
House told her that her husband was having an affair, which was true, and so the wife left her

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This is an example of how House speaks his mind without thinking about the consequences.
After being shot Cuddy replaces his blood stained carpet, but House refuses to work in his office
until he gets his carpet back. He goes all over the hospital, using other people's offices, annoying
everyone until he gets his old carpet back. He states that the carpet is apart of him. This behaviour is
often seen in autistic people or people with aspergers syndrome.…read more


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