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Located on the borders of southern California, Arizona and
the northern border of Mexico.
Area made up of mountain ranges, basins and plains.
Most arid part is the Salton trough which is 71m below sea
From gulf of California, relief rises up through the Sonora
uplands, towards the sierra Madre occidental mountains.…read more

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Arid desert created by its position in the sub tropical high
pressure zone (air subsides and prevents warmer air from
rising, preventing rain)
The peninsular ranges prevent rain reaching the area and
causing aridity by creating a rain shadow.
The cold Californian ocean current reduces the amount of
water that reaches the land.
Temperatures range from 11 degrees c in January to 30
degrees c in July. Temperatures in the Salton trough can
be as much as 40 degrees c.…read more

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Can be 15m tall and can live for 175 years
Accordion like stem that can expand and fill with water
during periods of rainfall (succulent)
Ribbed stem reduces wind currents, which reduces water
Shallow roots catch water before it has a chance to
evaporate…read more

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Phreatophytes grow beside rivers and on edges of salt pans
Able to survive in soils with high salinity (halophytes)…read more

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Fleshy stems store water (succulents)
Waxy skin (cuticle), less water loss via transpiration
Spines instead of leaves, reduces loss of water due to
smaller surface area, also protects them from predators…read more

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