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Desert ­ a place which receives less than
250mm a year of rainfall
Arid ­ the climate of an area that receives less
than 250mm of rainfall per year
Semi-Arid ­ the climate of an area that receives
between 250-500mm of rainfall per year…read more

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Lowest organic productivity of all the biomes
Low biomass
Usually some form of vegetation in desert areas, except
from sandy sea deserts and the driest places
When they do grow they:
+ Have the ability to store water in their stems and leaves
+ Have deep, wide ranging roots
+ Have a short lifespan/cycle, dormant for long periods
More vegetation in margins and different types etc…read more

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Inhibited by:
+ Lack of moisture
+ High evapotranspiration
+ Sparse vegetation, leading to limited chemical weathering and humus
When they do develop they are poor due to small humus layer
Often sandy and stony
Alkaline due to salts and minerals
Aridsol ­ zonal soil type in the desert
Irrigation and addition of organic matter can improve the lands
fertility significantly
Have high surface runoff
Desert margins are more fertile…read more

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