Horse Riding Assessment Guide - Edexell

The syllabus for the 2012 - 13 horse riding. I think its the short course but thats just a guess.

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Horse riding assessment guide ­ Edexcel GCSE Short Course
Skills, Knowledge and Understanding
Approach pony in stable, put on a head collar and tie up.
Approach and lead a pony in hand.
Mount and dismount.
Walk and halt without a leading rein in an enclosed area.
Put on a saddle and bridle.
Show simple turns and circles in walk.
Show rising trot and a knowledge of diagonals.
Show knowledge of aids for increase and decrease of pace.
Ride school movements in trot and walk.
Show phase of canter on both legs and show a change of leg.
Show forwards position over poles.
Show knowledge of the five phases of jump, and jump a small cross pole.
Show a balanced position in all school movements in walk, trot and canter.
Show correct application of aids in the above manoeuvres.
Walk, trot and canter without stirrups.
Jump a 2ft 6ins track or ride with contact and on the bit.
Make a good attempt at a half pirouette from a trot, halt and rein back.
Show shortening and lengthening.
Ride a 2ft 9ins cross-country course or ride in a double bridle.
Ride a good 3ft track or show lateral movements.
Students will be required to design and ride a short performance or their level of ability and
preferred event.


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