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Book 1 Satire 1 = Men being bored of their jobs and wanted to
swap jobs with other people. Also men refusing to retire to gain
wealth and hoarding money without spending it ­ no point.
Book 2 Satire 2 = Simple living and simple food is the best…

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Horace uses a simile of an ant ­ used as an example of one who works hard to
acquire things ­ careful rather than greedy. Horace critics men who continually
work hard without a break to store up wealth.

Lines 4151: Horace explores competitive greed ­ every man want to…

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105: "rake" ­ a man who is rich or with high social position who lives in an immoral way,
especially having sex with lots of women.
105: "wastrel" ­ someone who does nothing positive with their life
106: "things have a certain proportion" ­ `moderation in all thing' ­ stoic…

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34: "a three pound mullet" ­ Horace mocks preference to large fish because you have to
cut it into separate helpings ­ may as well have a small fish.
41: "warm south winds, come and `cook' their viands!" ­ Greedy people have more food
prepared than they can eat so…

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Be brave and face difficult times with a brave heart.

135: "no one will own it" ­ Stoic approach to life ­ no one owns land, but we hold on to it
137: "bravely throw out your chest...fate" ­ Horace ends on a strong and advisory note.

Book 2…

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bit about his life in the country ­ reading, dozing, dining and talking. The conversation is
not of frivolous matters, but centres on ethical questions.

67: "I hand the rest to the cheeky servants" ­ Horace's slaves are well treated and his
guests drink as much wine as they choose.…

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38: "He called for larger tankards" ­ Nasidienus turns pale ­ worried they will either not
be able to taste the gourmet food, or will turn to drunken behaviour.

Lines 4353: show Nasidienus is a gourmet of the finest foods. All the ingredients
listed are the finest ­ exotic names…


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