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Hoover Dam…read more

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Histogram of Power Output…read more

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Facts About Hoover Dam
· 726.4 feet high
· 1,244 feet across at the top
· 660 feet thick at the base
· 45 feet thick at the top
· weighs 6.6 millions ton
· can store up 2 years 'average' flow from the
Colorado River
· total storage capacity can be measured in
30,500,000 acre feet
· the surface area of Lake Mead is 146,000
acres…read more

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More Facts About Hoover
· has a power generating capacity of 2.8
million kilowatts
· cost $49,000,000 to build Hoover Dam
· Took 5 Years to complete…read more

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Hydro-electrical power plant
· The Hydroelectric power station is in a U
shaped building at the base of the dam. Each
power plant wing is 650 feet long and rise 299
feet above the power plant foundation.
· In total there are 17 Main Turbines.…read more

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Pros And Cons
+ -
·Provides Hydro ·Silt builds up on one
electric power to side of the dam
millions of people in ·Expensive
the USA
·Prevents flooding on
the Colorado river.…read more

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