Homesteaders - Problems + Solutions

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Homesteaders ­ Problems + Solutions
· Building a house ­ little wood to build log cabins
Solutions = built 'sod houses' + people did cooking on an open fire
· Dirt + Disease ­ outdoor toilets, open wells, sodhouses leaked +
fleas/bedbugs lived in them, impossible to disinfect floor, death rate
(especially from diphtheria) was high
Solutions = 'good thick coat of whitewash' killed bedbugs, 'layer of
clay' stopped leaks, eventually built more modern houses
· Housework ­ no wood for fuel, no shops to but items such as
candles/soap, no water, little food, a typical household would have only
2 buckets, some crockery + 1 cracked cup
Solutions = travelling shoemaker/tinker might pass through + provide
household items (most families had to make do), women collected
buffalo chips for fuel + made own candles/soap
· Isolation ­ no doctors/midwives, no social life, shut in in winter
Solutions = make most of any trip to nearest town
· Law + Order ­ no local government, some early law men were worse
than the bandits
Solutions = law courts + sheriffs such as Wyatt Earp slowly
established law + order


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