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The process of keeping the internal environment constant.
Involves the nervous system and hormonal system.

Body levels that need to be controlled:
1. Body Temperature:
This is through thermoregulation ­ SEE A3 SHEET.

2. Water Content:
If the water content in the blood is:
a) Too high ­ the…

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Waste products that need to be removed:
5. Carbon Dioxide:
A product of respiration.
Toxic in high quantities and therefore must be released from the body.
Leaves the body by the lungs when you breathe out.

6. Urea
Proteins can't be stored by the body ­ so any excess amino…

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2) In the 1980s, human insulin made by genetic engineering became available. This didn't cause any
adverse reactions in patients, which animal insulin sometimes did.
3) Slow, intermediate and fast acting insulin's have been developed to make it easier for diabetics to
control their blood sugar levels.
4) Ready sterilised,…


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