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(it's amazing)…read more

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OK. . .
So homeostasis is the MAINTENANCE of a
constant internal environment (basically,
someone's insides)
It removes poisonous substances like CO2 as it
would dissolve in the blood ( the red stuff) and
lower the pH.
Changing the pH affects the enzymes.
Urea is made in the LIVER when EXCESS amino-
acids are broken down (or so I've been told)
High levels of urea in the blood would damage
tissues (bless you) so it is filtered out by the
kidneys baby!…read more

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AND. . .
The urea, ( previously mentioned) salts and
water form urine which is stored in the
Water is lost (bit careless really. . .) as urine,
sweat and exhaled AIR( ohhhh-understood.)
Luckily we get to replace the lost water with
food and drink, so next time you pop to the
chippy you're actually doing something
useful for your bod!
Because of OSMOSIS our cells are very
sensitive to salt and water concentration. . .
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MUST be carefully controlled in the body as it
effects the activity of enzymes and otherwise
we'd DIE.
It is controlled by the thermoregulatory
centre ( bit off a mouthful really) in the
Receptors in the brain and skin send info
about the blood and surface temp to the
thermoregul. . You know where I mean.…read more

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SO. . .
If we get too hot, we sweat and smell
delicious. . . Water and salted are secreted
onto the surface of the skin where it
The blood vessels (things that carry the red
stuff around cause its pretty lazy) DILATE
(open wide. . .) so MORE blood flows through
to the surface and MORE heat energy is lost
This thingy makes us cooler again---hooray!
Oh what? Not even cool enough to be in
science club?!…read more

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BUT. . .
If we get to chilly, we shiver. Basically, our
muscles contract and relax quickly which
needs a lot of respiration and produces heat
The blood vessels ( we know what these are
now!) CONSTRICT (like a boa constrictor!) so
LESS blood flows to the surface of the skin
and LESS heat energy is lost by RADIAITION.
kk? And this makes us a snug as a bug in a rug
in no time!…read more

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