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Wannsee, Berlin 1942
Talked about the Jewish problem
Came up with "final solution"
Quickest way to get rid of them
Concentration camps would be extermination camps
Use 6 major camps
Shoot Jews so they would die
The killer were becoming physiologically damaged -> another reason
for the final solution
Previous tactics
Boy colts, purges, labor camps
Nuremberg laws
Mobile gas chambers
Death camps
Jews rounded up in ghetto -> given no warning
Transported to concentration camps via cattle trains
Separated into two groups -> 15 + healthy sent to left -> old, sick
woman with children sent to right
SS doctors only ones qualified to separate people
If in Auschwitz twins would be taken to be experimented on by Mengela
Possessions would be confiscated and stored.
Who knew?
1942-> British & American GOVS received reports on concentration
150 German companies used Auschwitz prisoners
Hugo Boss -> did the SS uniforms
Allianz -> insured the camps
1000s of ordinary Germans helped with the process
Aushwitz door- "work makes you
free" ->gave false hope


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