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Do you feel sorry for Hobson?

Financially stable- Due to business.
Upper middle-class man.
Owns a shop.
Regular drinker.
Likes to think he has authority and power.
Selfish, arrogant, proud man.
Gives daughters a political speech- Empty words & Empty gestures.
Cowers in front of higher class; Mrs. Hepworth…

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As a group we do not feel sorry for Hobson. Hobson is a business man (or is suppose to
be) the business is in his name, however he takes no responsibility for the business
instead he depends and relies on Maggie, his eldest daughter. How can Hobson who is

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30 years old
Strong character
Determined- she knows what she wants
Has large impact on those around her
Good business woman
Has responsibility of wife, mother and shop owner- prone to be bossy
Honest- to the point
Cares for sisters
Does not…

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Ever since their mother passed away, Maggie has automatically taken on this
motherly role, therefore she can be very bossy with her younger sisters. "You're to
kiss him hearty now"
"Number eights from the third rack, Vicky, please."
She does not see anything wrong in ordering her sisters about, as…

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Does not care about class, status, marries Will who is beneath her
Determined and single-minded, she has plans for her future and makes them happen
Good sales woman. Admired by Mrs Hepworth "you look like you have your wits
about you"
Manipulative, sells boots to Prosser
Dominant "sit down…

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A boot maker at Hobson's Boot Shop
Lower class, "Work house brat", Illiterate
"I'm not ambitious that I know off". - He has no thought of improving himself and
would be feared to go as a bootmaker in one of the "big shops in Manchester".
The first individual to recognise…

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eighteen shillings a week. Me that's the owner of a business that is starving yours to
Even though Willie gets the terms he wants ­ Hobson to have a half share in the
business but to take no part in running it ­ he still remains a likeable character.…

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In Act 1, Willie is portrayed as a shy, talented and illiterate employee of Hobson, `not
naturally stupid but stunted by a brutalized childhood.' His abusive childhood has had a major
impact on Willie and if this had not affected him, his life would have been very different.

The first…

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Play is set in Lancashire, and so the characters converse in straightforward, plain speech,
as is the custom there. The Lancashire speech of the characters is evident in their speech,
e.g. "I'm feeling awkward, like".
Language in the play is quite powerful, and very direct. Lancashire accent and tone…

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Steadfast and level headed, Maggie has been running Hobson's business for him all of
her life.
Admired by fellow businesswoman Mrs Hepworth, and borrows money from her too,
which means that her reputation as a businesswoman must be very good- strong
Immediately notices potential in Will, unlike her…


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