HIV, AIDS, Malaria and TB

Table of the description and how these are past on.

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Disease Cause Means of transmission
HIV (human 1. HIV is a retrovirus- it breaks down Exchange of body fluids
immunodeficiency virus) the DNA in our nuclei and it Unprotected sexual intercourse
injects its own RNA into the nuclei Unscreened blood transfusions
of host cells Use of unsterilized surgical equipment
2. HIV can remain inactive for many
Sharing hypodermic needles
years, it then replicated and kills
the host cells Accidents such as `needle-stick'
3. The host cells targeted by the Across the placenta or during childbirth
virus are the cells responsible for Breast feeding, mother baby
fighting pathogens (T-Cells) so the
infected person ends up with a
weakened immune system
AIDS(acquired This weakened immune system is
immunodeficiency called AIDS. The body can't defend itself
syndrome) against diseases that it would usually
recover from, and may contract
(Later stages of HIV) opportunistic infections.
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
TB (Tuberculosis) It is caused by the bacterium
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and it is
usually found in the lungs.
Certain conditions make the transmission
more likely:
Poor ventilation
Poor health ­ HIV/AIDS
Poor diet
Living/working with people from
areas where TB is more
common Droplet infection this is when a person
with an active infection of TB in their lungs,
coughs or sneezes and somebody else
inhales a droplet of contaminated saliva.
Drinking milk or eating meat from infected
cattle, however this isn't a great issue in the
developed countries.

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Malaria It is caused by Plasmodium a A female of the species bites a person
eukaryotic, single-celled organism.
Plasmodium falciparum
Plasmodium vivax
Plasmodium ovale
Plasmodium malariae
It's carried by anopheles mosquito
which feed on blood from animals like
Vector mosquitoes carry the disease
without getting it themselves.…read more


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