Hitler's Rise To Power

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He deliberately downplayed more radical
elements of the Nazi programme in order to
make him seem, moderate + electable
Weaknesses of the structure of the weimar
Appeal of more radical policies during that time system - PR, coalitions etc.
of crisis - people now responded to his calls for
restoring german greatness
Abuse of Article 48 by different chancellors, esp.
Importance of marching: people saw that the SA Brüning + Papen - G. sliding towards 'semi- Personal rivalries - Papen vs Schliecher
had pride, discipline, energy, and a goal. At the dictatorship'
same time, it intimidated the opponents of the
Nazi Party Public distrust / dislike of Weimar, especially
instability to respond to the great depression
They were soon to be doing something to help Nazi Strengths Actions of others/ Weimar weakness
Hitler's Rise
people during the great depression - soup
To Power Effects of 1923 hyperinflation - Brüning adopted the wrong policies after
kitchens, homeless shelters etc.
1923, Hitler promised no return of inflation
Nazi propaganda : masterminded by Goubles - single message about
restoring German greatness, repeated over and over, 'Hitler over Germany'
marches, rallies, speeches, flags, posters etc.
Public distrust / dislike of Weimar, esp. inability
Treaty of Versailles - created long term to respond to the great depression
resentment of bitterness that the Nazis could
tap into
Hitler's speaking skills :
Organisational strength building up the party ability to move and Effects of the great depression, made the nazi
even during 'the wilderness years' - HT, manipulate his audience, message more appealing
professional organisations, SS, Nuremberg passionate, animated,
rallies. hypnotic
Manipulated SA - orchestral street violence to
heighten a sense of crisis and portray himself as
the only man who could save G. from civil war


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