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T o m a n ya t t h e t i m e ,a n d to ma n yh i sto ri a ns since,Hitler ' s policy
for eign
l ook ed l i k e a c o n t i n u…

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Nowadavs, historiansare lessinclinerl to stress
FINLAND lonq-term politicalcontinuidesfrom nineteenth
,/:- t-
centur\'.rnd tend to tbcus more on Nazism'sstatus
-ll^\* e-
o rs a revolutionarv ne\\ fbrce that brokc ii'ith the
;lr- +o u
v, traditions of the olci Prusso-Germtn conservatism.
.\ccordinqlr'. thel hrrverecendr beeu lessinclined

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Key points
! f , f r i t e r ' sf o r e i g n m u s tb e p l a c e d
the broader context of German foreign policy
from 1871 to 1945.

!f, lowever,recentinterpretations havetended
to downplay the existence…

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1930-32 Ambassador
in London.

1932-38 Ministerof foreignaffairs.

1937 Joined (NaziParty).

1946 Foundguiltyat Nuremberg wartrials
and imprisoned in Spandau
for 15 years,thoughreleased prema-
turelyjust beforehis death.

ibr cn.rtrrilc brsed ou r biologicrl-rirciirl lision ot
Germrrn sr-rprcnrlc\u hicir thc old Conservatilcs
clicl not. xt thc encl o1'the dar'. sh.rrc.…


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