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Hitler 4 chancellor?
Great depression
People struggling
Rise in unemployment

Agriculture was decreasing > not enough crops
Young people = no jobs

Businessmen closing shops

Factory workers cut jobs

Leadership skills

Seemed to care

Great orator

Made promises
Persuasive > putting cross a message

People believed in him

Interact with…

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Hitler 4 chancellor?
Believed they could control Hitler
If joined with Hitler they would have much more support


Were very threatening
Larger than the army

Nazi tactics

Win over working class people > majority of country

Hitler was good Orator
Made promises

Used technology > aeroplane: to vast people…


Miss E


Well summarised diagram ideal for use in your second stage revision when you are presenting and learning key facts. You could improve this resource by putting them in chronological order and therefore thinking about long term reasons (like the Treaty) and short term reasons (like gaining votes) and the trigger (Papen and his deal with Hitler).



i really liked this, rate it very highly as it made me know more about the guy known as adlof hitler



yanno what `E` stands for?

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