Hitler and Nazi Germany: The Holocaust

This covers The Holocaust and includes 4 (abc part) questions.

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Holocaust…read more

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"The Jews are nothing but
thieves and robbers and
everything which they eat or
wear has been stolen from us.
We let them get rich on our
sweat and blood while we
remain poor and they suck the
marrow from our bones. What
shall we do with this rejected
people, the Jews?
First, set fire to their
synagogues or schools and bury
and cover with dirt whatever
will not burn. Second I advise
that their houses be
Martin Luther - 1543…read more

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Key Term: Anti-Semitism
· The active hatred /
prejudice /
against the Jewish
· Existed in Europe
since the Romans.
· Every European
country has at some
point persecuted
Jews.…read more

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Jews in Germany
· Jewish people had lived in
Germany for centuries before the
Nazis came to power.
· In the early 20th century, hatred
towards Jews was particularly
harsh Russia, because of this,
many Russian Jews fled to
· Before the First World War,
Germany was one of the most
tolerant countries in Europe
towards Jewish people.
· Many German Jews were poor
however some had done well.
· In 1933, Jews made up 1% of the
German population., however the
were prominent in some
professions such as doctors,
lawyers and bankers.…read more

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Images from
children's books…read more

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Early Nazi Policy/Ideas
· From its birth the Nazis had
campaigned against Jews, however
many who voted for them never
considered that they would act on
these ideas (even some Jewish
· Within days of taking power the Nazis
made their intentions clear, especially
through propaganda.
· For the first 2 years of Nazi rule, there
was very little organised persecution
of Jews.
· In 1935,the Nazis were strong enough
and confident enough to be able to
introduce more extreme anti-Jewish
policies.…read more

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