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Hitler 1933 ­ 1934
A weak position to begin
After being invited to power in January 1933 Hitler initially finds himself in a
weak position.
Von Papen commented 'we have hired him', Schleicher said 'we'll push him
into a corner until he squeaks'
Only 2 out of 9 cabinet members were Nazis.
The Reichstag Fire
An election is called for March 1933 to give Hitler an overall majority in the
On February 27th 1933 The Reichstag (German Parliament) burns down.
A young Communist is arrested and Hitler declares a state of emergency.
Hitler is granted new powers
Intimidation and violence
During March 1933 election the SA fights street battles with the
Public meetings are broken up
Local police work with SA.
After the Reichstag fire 4000 Communists are arrested.
Hitler's new powers also see imprisonment without trial of opponents.
The Enabling Law
March elections see Nazis gain 52% of the vote.
The Enabling act is now passed allowing Hitler to act as dictator without
The Communist Party is banned, followed quickly by Trade Unions.
All other political parties are also now banned.
Night of the Long Knives
Having removed external opponents Hitler now turns against internal Nazi
30th June 1934 Hitler turns against the SA who are becoming an
embarrassment and too powerful.
Leader Ernst Rohm and 400 others are executed in one night of butchery.
The Death of Hindenburg
The last political figure now who could possibly oppose Hitler is the aging
President Hindenburg.

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Hindenburg dies (naturally!) leaving Hitler to become Fuhrer (Chancellor and
President combined)
The army now swear an oath of personal loyalty to Hitler…read more


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